Zeppole Recipes by our Italian Grandmas

My grandfather, Donoto Malgesini, immigrated from Rigoletto, Italy to the United States and settled in Snohomish, Washington, where he raised a family that kept close to their Italian roots. I loved going to family reunions growing up and tasting my great aunt's polenta and other dishes that my cousins would bring. Italians are known for their ability to cook and bake, and there is no doubt these Zeppole Recipes by some Italian grandma's aren't also to die for. If it is an Italian recipe, it has to be good... People who grow up with someone cooking in their household, are bound to love cooking themselves. When you see the passion other people have for it and then when you try it out for yourself, you can just see why so many people love to bake and cook. Which is why so many people love to share recipes online, we all have to eat, might as well make it fun and as enjoyable as possible!

Zeppole is a type of a pastry that can be made in various ways. It is delicious with custard cream or filled with ricotta cream. During Christmas time, many make Ciambelle, a form of Zeppole, made with potatoes and granulated sugar. Another great Zeppole often eaten on St. Joseph's day is Zeppole di San Giuseppe. Made with lemon, oranges, sugar, and wild cherries in syrup, this delightful dessert will make anyone happy. I also recommend trying Zeppole Di San Nicola. This Zeppole is served well with a cup of coffee or some tea in the afternoon. I really enjoy sitting outside on the deck and sipping on some coffee and milk while eating one of these. It truly is pure bliss. So, as you can see there are so many different kinds of delicious Zeppole to try out for yourself. You will be sure to love it! And you can be proud that you made it yourself too.

Italians love food, and we love them for introducing us to some great dishes and deserts. Their appreciation for food and the process of making it deserves respect. I highly suggest choosing one of these recipes and beginning how to make Zeppole. Try making it today. If you want to change a recipe and make it your own, go ahead. These scrumptious treats can be altered however you would like to alter them. The cooking with Nonna website is a wonderful site created by Rossella Rago, who is Italian herself. She grew up helping out her grandmother, her own mother and aunts in the kitchen since she can remember. She used to be a spokesperson on TV, and wanted to act too, but she realized she also wanted to pursue her love and passion of cooking and making good food. So, she created this awesome website for people who want to share their family's best Italian recipes that have been passed down for generations. What a wonderful ideal! For more details about Zeppole, visit the Cooking with Nonna.' website for more amazing recipe ideas and enjoy this one when you make it!

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