White Chicken Enchiladas

When it comes to cooking for a family, you're always thinking of recipes to try, and truth be told, you can never have too many recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These "White Chicken Enchiladas," are a great recipe to try something new at the table. Enchiladas are a classic Mexican recipe that involves little wrapped up tortillas, with chicken or beef in them that is seasoned to perfection. Sometimes you can even just have plain cheese enchiladas. Any authentic Mexican restaurant has these on their menu, and they are a very popular item to get for dinner or even for a big lunch. Usually, enchiladas are made with a tomato sauce, that has many amazing spices and herbs in it, to flavour it just right. The tomato sauce is what the rolled up tortillas bake in, with a layer of cheese on top too! But in this case, the sauce is white, and creamy, which is more of a Tex Mex, Americanized version of the authentic Mexican meal, which is good none the less.

This white chicken enchilada recipe is a very simple and quick dish to prepare. To start you will want to prepare the sauce which calls for green child enchilada sauce, cream cheese, greek yogurt, sour cream and seasonings. This sauce is what really make the recipe. The creator says she likes to mix shredded cheeses together such as sharp cheddar, mozzarella (that is very tasty when mixed with the sharp cheddar cheese) and jack cheeses. You can use these cheeses but can also substitute your own favourite cheeses. She likes to lightly fry the corn tortilla shells to make them more pliable, you can also do this step in the microwave covered with a napkin for about 30 seconds with good results. Sometimes when you get the store bought tortillas, they can be very dried out, so it helps to heat them and bring back some of the moisture. Then, they will be easier to work with, and won't rip or break into pieces. For the full step by step recipe instructions and photos you'll want to take a look at the recipe site.

This recipe blog, Creole Contessa, is created by Lisa who is the head cook on her site, she does have a bit of help in the way of her baby girl. She decided to create the site after cooking and eating an amazing meal with her family that they all enjoyed so much, so she felt the world needed to experience the food she was eating and cooking daily. The nice thing about this site is she shared recipes passed down and learned from her grandmother, mother and aunts. This California girl spent her summers with her late grandmother in Louisiana it is here she watched all the amazing meals being made from her experienced cooking family. There are so many awesome recipes to choose from on this great website, so be sure to try a few or more of them out! To read more about this recipe visit the website link below to the "Creole Contessa," website.

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