Which Dog Breed Are You?

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Sometimes you just need a little fun in your day to shake things up and break up the monotony that life can become. Here is a quiz that figures out Which Dog Breed Are You? People who own dogs love anything to do with dogs, and probably if you own a dog, you want to see if you would be the same breed as the dog you have. I think that people choose the type of dog they get on their own personality or a type of personality they wish they maybe had more of. Their dog kind of balances them or enhances them in a way.

These quizzes are so fun to take anyway, we are seeing more and more all the time on Facebook, and then people will share their results and you will want to know what you are, so of course, you take it. Do you ever retake the quiz if you don't like what you got? I totally have! They are just for fun anyway so its just fun to play around and see what you get. They are not to be taken seriously at all, so don't be sad if you don't get what you were hoping for.

This one is pretty in depth and asks a lot of questions, like what kind of friend you like, the kind of friend you are, what are your ideal living conditions, what era would you have liked to live in. At the end of it all, I got that I would be a poodle! So funny, I think poodles are cute, but I don't really relate to their personality! I thought I would get something like a husky or a german shepard or a wolf dog! Any way, its all just for fun right?! Now you try it! Head over to 'Play Buzz' by following the link in the description below for this quiz and tons of other fun ones!

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