What Happens When You Bring 10 PEKKA To The Party?

The thing about Clash of Clans that many people liked is that is can imaginably act out “real war”, but the only thing that will hurt you is the pride. Unlike real-life war, as the general, you don't have to be concerned about the lives of your troops in every mission because every soldier has already a specific role that they will do in order to accomplish the mission.

There is no real people going to be hurt in the game, you can even attack with little more than ten P.E.K.K.A for no valid reason! And then you can just wait and see what happens. The only thing that is at stake is your resources and time to rebuild them again.

To Galadon of Clash of Clan, ten P.E.K.K.A is exactly what he wants to happen in his newest video. Its performance is art at its best. Depending on your own strategy, you can even assault a base with only ten greatly armed female warriors. In Clash of Clans, even if you are using methods with great planning and strategy, it can work!

Most people might think that attacking a base with ten people may sound absurd. The first two attacks witness Galadon defeat greatly or win, because of those thoughtless Skeletons set-ups or they are just too tired by the huge total of fire flung at him. If you have purchase the extra “oomph”, you will appreciate the damage soaking units like what the P.E.K.K.A give.

In the third attack, you can consider it as win. The village set-ups is quite odd because they don't have walls to defend it. Although he also suffered some losses, Galadon cut down the town like it is in a field of wheat.

You can share you own experience or other silly strategies to win. Tell us or perhaps show us! You can also watch the Video for deca P.E.K.K.A below.

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