Wait! Don't Put Butter on That Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Do THIS Instead! (You Can Thank Us Later)

Wait! Don't Put Butter on That Grilled Cheese Sandwich, do THIS Instead! and You Can Thank Us Later. Grill cheese is the go-to recipe when you need something tasty; it's a favorite amongst both kids and adults alike. Grill cheese is simple to make, with ingredients you usually already have to include bread, cheese and butter. It's also one of those recipe ideas that we just can't live without. It's one of the first dishes kids learn to make for themselves. It's also a simple recipe that doesn't require a lot of fancy ingredients to make a great grilled cheese recipe. With that said using this simple food hacks will take your grill cheese recipe to a whole new level, and you might start thinking about gourmet grilled cheese sandwich recipes ideas. To try this DIY kitchen hacks, you will need a nonstick pan, bread, cheese and a few teaspoons of mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise it's that simple. To make grill cheese kitchen hack, you will put the frying pan over low heat. This is usually about the time you put some butter into the pan, but for this great grilled cheese recipe, you will skip that. Instead, spread the two slices of bread with an even coat of mayonnaise. Then place one slice in the pan, with the mayo side down, then top with your favorite cheese. Then add the other slice of bread on top of the cheese, with the mayo side up. Let the sandwich cook for a few minutes until the bottom is a nice golden brown. Flip and cook the other side. The reason mayonnaise works better than butter, as it has a higher smoke point. Plus, the eggs and oil in the mayonnaise brown nicely and add a creamy flavor to the crust.

Mayonnaise works great for food hacks idea, along with a variety of other sandwich ideas and recipes. The following are just some of the mayonnaise facts you might not have known about this popular condiment. Mayonnaise is usually made with the base ingredients of raw egg yolks, vegetable oil, and vinegar. Seasonings are then added such as mustard and lemon juice for flavor. The source of the word mayonnaise is not known, but it may have come from the French word moyeu, which is Old French for egg yolk. The recipe for mayonnaise is mostly fat. Did you know that a one tablespoon serving of may is about 90 calories? Homemade mayonnaise recipes will spoil after about 3 to 4 days. Commercially made mayonnaise does not spoil if it is not refrigerated. This is because commercial mayonnaise is filled with acid and preservatives, it can extend the life of salads by killing bacteria. The eggs used in commercial mayonnaise recipes are also pasteurized which makes it last longer. Hellmann's mayonnaise is the leading U.S. mayonnaise brand. Some of the most popular condiments in the world have a mayonnaise base.

Tartar sauce is simply mayonnaise that is spiced up with some pickled cucumbers and onion and a favorite condiment for fish. Thousand Island dressing recipes have pickle relish, ketchup, assorted herbs and spices mixed into a mayonnaise base. Ranch dressing uses buttermilk, mayonnaise, and minced green onions. You will also find mayonnaise recipe that don't include eggs. This diy kitchen hacks idea for grill cheese sandwiches that uses mayonnaise instead of butter can be found on the "Pure Wow" site. On this fun site, you will find a wide variety of topics from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and recipes, food hacks, your kitchen, diy kitchen hacks, trending ideas, how to's and so much more. *

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