UFO Squadron in Alaska

What would you do if you saw not only one but a squadron of UFOs? “Probably take a picture?” High five! I'd probably do the same and report it. That is the case in the next article we have here. Another UFO sighting has been reported, and this time, it's in Alaska. And what's more interesting? It's a squadron of UFO's. And I'm talking about eight unidentified flying objects here. If you look at the picture, it looks like these UFOs are going to attack. But well, I think they are just flying around there like a supervisor. Do you want to know more about this photo? “Oh yes!” Sure! Together, let's find out.

The photo is taken by a veteran helicopter pilot John Cox in October 2013 during his return flight home from the frozen Arctic. The unidentified flying objects are seen over the Brookes Mountain Range in Northern Alaska. According to Cox, in his 33 years of flying, that is his first time to see the strange flying objects. According to website Parasci, Cox is navigating southward when the UFO squadrons passed by him in an opposite direction at an immense speed. “The lenticular-shaped craft moved behind us at a very high rate of speed. I was able to capture one photograph,” says Cox as quoted by Parasci.

The picture shows two clusters of disc-shaped flying saucers over the mountain skylines. Well, it has long been told that there is an alien base in Alaska. According to Pat Price, as cited by Nick Redfern, there are aliens who are living in Mount Hayes. “The site has been responsible for strange activities and malfunctions in U.S. and Soviet space objects,” states Price. I think this explains a lot. The photos snapped by John Cox in Brookes Mountain Range in Alaska might have a little connection to what Pat Price claims. There could be an alien nesting place in there.

Well, going back to the photo, looking at it makes me feel like I'm the one who saw the UFOs. Well, thanks to John Cox! Anyway, for more photos, you can visit Coast to Coast AM's website by clicking the link below.

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