Two Canoes and a Crazy Idea

Dr. Joe got his crazy idea from a book title called “The Six Hour Canoe.” He never even read the book, but the title captivated his imagination and got him wondering... Could he really build a canoe in such a short space of time? And if he could, then why not raise the bar a little. Why not try building a canoe in a foreign country with materials he found in the area? Once built, he could use it only for his time there, and discard it or give it away when he left. Then move on to the next country...

What an absolutely insane DIY idea... So crazy, it just might work!

He sought out advice from friends and family, and started researching his big endeavour online – what country to visit, as well as the skills and building materials he'd require for building this crazy boat! He was completely surprised by all of the information and resources that were available, not to mention the encouragement he got from most people who spoke to.

Even Matt, at Jem Watercraft offered to help draft up a couple of prototype designs, suggesting Dr. Joe build a canoe at home first. That way he could test it out on every measure to see how it would hold up.

Dr. Joe took him up on his offer and crafted his first hand-made canoe at home, using a few trial-end-error methods to see what worked best. Once it was built, he took it out everywhere, testing it for buoyancy and water resistance. It worked! Total success, and so now Dr. Joe was on to Step Two: building a new canoe in a foreign country!

What country would he choose? What materials would he use? Would he run into any serious problems?

For the full story, and for all of Dr. Joe's crazy canoe-making steps, please visit the Instructables website below!

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