Top 10 Traditional Homemade Meals Of Different Countries You Must Try

You only live once, so why not explore and experience as many cuisines as possible. Here are the top 10 national dishes you should try to expand your knowledge on the many different meals that are cooked around the globe. The list here will not only make you a well versed person when it comes to food, but you will definitely consider yourself someone who is living his or her life to the fullest. Now, take a look at our favorites.

1. Bobotie- this dish originated in South Africa and it includes a meat that is spiced, minced and baked with a topping that is cooked out of egg. Before it was completely developed; ginger, marjoram and lemon rind used to be a part of its recipe. Curry powder was later on added to make it simpler, but its original concept didn't change. And just like any other dish, the Bobotie was also enhanced over the years that some would add chopped onions from the original recipe. It used to have dried fruits like raisins, but not a lot of people loved the taste. These days, walnuts and bananas are often added to flavor it up. Despite the spiced meat as its main ingredient, this dish is not exactly spicy. The mixture of all its ingredients will create a complex flavor bursting in your mouth. If you're curious on what it tastes, then it's best you try it soon!

2. Ceviche- this one is popular in many countries. It came from Peru and you will recognize it as having raw fish that is marinated using some lemons and limes for its mixture. Traditionally, marinating it takes up to 3 hours. But the modern-style that was enhanced by one of Peru's local chefs, Dario Matsufuji; the marinating period has been shortened. This dish is so important in this country that they even celebrate a national day for it.

3. Tom Yum- if you love hot and spicy dishes, then this one is a sure knock out! This particular dish is a soup that originated in Thailand. Some would use prawns, while others prefer chicken as the main ingredient, and then they'll mix it with mushrooms, cilantro, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and some Thai basil. The aroma alone of this soup would already make you excited to taste it!

4. Borsht, this soup is a Ukrainian recipe, that you will find on many Eastern and Central European tables. Typically this soup recipe is made with beet root as its main ingredient, which gives it the nice deep red/purple color. It's also a great way to get lots of vegetables into your day with lots of carrots, potatoes, cabbage and tomatos added in. You'll want to try this in the winter months, its great for building up your immune system, and keeping away colds.

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