Top 10 of the Biggest Lies in History

There are so many things in history that we have probably believed until now, but don't be deceived because not all facts and figures that were laid out there for the public to know is the truth. Unfortunately, almost everything can be manipulated, and cab turn some facts into a lie. Many have suffered because of the false information bestowed upon them. If only it weren't too late for them to have known the truth, then they may have survived such chaos that happened in their lives. One of the best examples of this subject is Adolf Hitler and his lying tongue. He has deceived many people and even gained followers that lead to the massacre of the many Jews during the Holocaust. Here are the others that made the list of the biggest lies in history.

1. The Trojan Horse- this was one of the best trickeries that you will find in history involving war. Over the ten years of war that happened between the Trojans and the Greeks, the Trojans were made to believe that they already won against the Greeks. They didn't know that the Greeks had a little evil plan on their own. The Greeks then offered a peace offering in a form of a huge Trojan horse. The Trojans didn't know that it was a trap since that horse houses people who will kill them once the horse has entered the city.

2. The Clinton and Lewinsky Affair- during the time when Bill Clinton was president of the United States, a rumor sparked of his affair with a White House employee named Monica Lewinsky. He denied it but eventually was forced to admit it. He was almost impeached due to perjury and obstruction of justice for such behavior.

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