Top 10 Mysteries of Outer Space

Anyone of you here has a deep fascination towards Astronomy? “Oh yes!” “I love Astronomy!” *hugs* The feeling is so mutual guys. I love Astronomy. Anyway, here's another question: Who among you here loves mysteries? “Here!” “Mystery is my life!” This is great. If we love astronomy and you are obsessed with mysteries, we are going to be the world's greatest team! So, since we've been talking about those things we love, why don't we roll them into one? Like this top 10 greatest mysteries of outer space. What now? Are we ready? “Yeah!” Let's rock and roll people!

One of these mysteries is the possibility of the existence of life on Mars. This has always been a question, and still, it remains a question. Evidence has already been shown to confirm and solve this mystery: photos of an ape-like creature sitting on a rock on Mars, pyramids and another photo of what looks like to be a face on Mars. It is believed that civilization on Mars once existed. Another astronomical mystery is the possibility of other Earths. Yeah, you heard me right. There could be not only one, but a thousand more Earths. Since the 21st century, scientists have found more planets orbiting distant stars. One of these planets is the planet 'Gliese 581d'. This is an Earth-like planet that is believed to contain water. This has remained a mystery to many scientist and astrologist.

And lastly, the most interesting, for me at least *big smile* is the fact that there could be another universe. This has been considered as one of the controversial arguments. The theory states that there could be an infinite number of universes with the same laws and nature. Many scientists ignore this argument because they think that this is “nothing more than speculation.” However, there is nothing that would disprove this argument either. In the near future, let's just hope that the world can create something that can surpass our expectations to modern technology.

Want to know the rest of the 10 mysteries? Well, after reading this, I know you will come up with one question. A question that even the world's most brilliant person probably couldn't answer: will we ever be able to solve these mysteries? Only time can answer.

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