Top 10 Foods Edible After An Incredible Length Of Time

Lets talk here a little about food and how long it actually will keep. We all know you do not want to eat things any foods that have gone off as they can make you sick. But the question is, do you know what are those food items that you can buy in advance but can still be eaten after several days, weeks, months, or even years? If you do not know, then we are going to share with you four from a list of ten.

1. Battle Butties - This is a kind of sandwich that can still be eaten even after two years. It is amazing, right? Most of the time, this delicious sandwich is eaten by those brave military soldiers, especially when they are on the field.

2. Hardtack - This is a cracker that is also well known to be another military food. It can last for how many years. This is made possible by making this cracker as dry as possible. Remember that moisture is one reason why certain foods can go off.

3. Honey - Yes, honey is one food item that will never go bad.Meaning to say, you can consume it for millenia. Honey has an acidic nature and because it is a hygorscopic means it will last virtually forever.

4.Wine - Wine will last for centuries. In fact people will pay huge amounts of money for old bottles of wine. There is an article of a team of wine experts that tested 300 year old wine and described it as fresh, clean and lively!

It is pretty fascinating that some foods and drinks can last for long periods of time and others as short as a few hours before you need to take concern.

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