This Woman Makes Vegan “Nice” Cream That's Too Beautiful For Words

There's so much to love about ice cream on a hot summer day, or any other time of the year, for that matter. It's so cooling, tastes so delicious, and there are so many flavours to choose from. But what if you're lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products? Is there any way you can replace commercial ice cream with something healthier? There sure is. This woman makes vegan “Nice” Cream that's too beautiful for words, and more scrumptious than you could ever imagine.

Ice cream's an old standby that comes from our childhood. Who didn't have ice cream on birthdays, other special occasions, and balmy summer days? But these days, more people are becoming either lactose intolerant or are developing allergies to dairy products, and these health issues make it impossible for them to eat ice cream. Lactose intolerance is an inability to digest lactose, a sugar contained in milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products. These people tend to lack the enzyme called lactase that normally breaks lactose down into glucose and galactose in the small intestine. If the lactose reaches the large intestine without being properly broken down, it can cause very uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include stomach pain, cramps, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea. Dairy allergies are different from lactose intolerance. A dairy allergy happens when the person's body reacts to dairy as if it is a threat to the immune system. Allergic reactions to dairy range from mild to severe, and can include skin rashes, nasal congestion, wheezing, sneezing, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. One of the most severe reactions to dairy is called anaphylaxis, which can swell the air passages and stop a person from breathing. It's very important for these people to see a doctor to be properly tested for dairy allergies. Anaphylaxis is no joke and often requires a trip to the emergency room for adrenaline treatment to reopen the airways. For people suffering from this kind of allergy, they can also carry an emergency dose of epinephrine in case they consume dairy by mistake.

These days, commercial ice cream can contain chemicals that potentially contribute to allergic reactions. And the number of people sensitive to dairy products is growing. In general, food allergies are becoming more common in North America, where consumption of meat and dairy products is high. According to FARE, the Food Allergy Research and Education organization, food allergies in children in the US grew by fifty percent in just fourteen years, between 1997 and 2011. Recent studies approximate up to 15 million people in the US alone as having food allergies. While researchers cannot currently pinpoint the exact cause of this increase, it's important for individuals and families to take their health into their own hands, starting with nutrition. How to do this? By incorporating organic, cleaner foods into the diet, and eating more vegan recipes, like this one for vegan nice cream. A vegan diet is a plant-based one that does not contain any animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs.

It's wonderful to know there are so many new dairy and ice cream substitutes out there – many of which are more delicious than ice cream themselves. Ice cream can be made from all different kinds of healthy vegan ingredients. The best vegan meals are ones that include “nice cream” as a vegan dessert recipe. This scrumptious article on vegan ice cream comes from the “Buzzfeed” website and will give you lots of ideas on how you can make your own healthy vegan dishes out there and share them with others.*

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