This Is A Good Ol' Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie is one of the best coconut dessert ideas. You can feel good about using coconut milk and shredded sweetened coconut for all that coconut flakes nutrition. This coconut milk dessert recipe can be made entirely from scratch with a homemade pie crust recipe, or you can save time and use a premade crust. Whatever you choose this is a yummy coconut dessert that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

The shredded sweetened coconut flakes in this coconut dessert are one of the best ways to get all of the coconut flakes nutrition that coconut offer. Of course, unsweetened coconut provides the best nutritional value which includes the dietary minerals of manganese, iron, phosphorus and zinc. The coconut milk in this coconut milk dessert recipe is also a good source of coconut nutrition. Coconut milk is not to be confused with coconut water. Coconut milk has a high-fat content of around 17 percent but is low in sugars. Coconut milk is often added to curries and other savory dishes. You can also create coconut cream from coconut milk. In this coconut dessert, the coconut milk is mixed with half and half to make it extra creamy. Coconuts are a complete food that is rich in calories, vitamins, and minerals. A medium-size coconut has about 400 grams of edible meat and between 30-150 milliliters of water which may provide almost all the daily-required essential minerals, vitamins, and energy of an average-sized person. Coconut water comes from the early stages of a coconuts growth containing high levels of water which can be consumed directly as a refreshing drink. It is a popular alternative to sports drinks. Coconut water is a very refreshing popular drink that helps to beat tropical summer thirst. Coconut juice is full of simple sugar, electrolytes, minerals, and bioactive compounds like cytokinin, and enzymes such as catalase, acid phosphatase, dehydrogenase, peroxidase, polymerases, etc. Combined these enzymes can help aid in digestion and metabolism. Coconuts are also a very good source of the B-complex vitamins such as folates, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine. These vitamins in the coconut are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish.

In this coconut dessert, you will want to use the best ingredients you have as it makes a difference in the overall recipe. This coconut milk dessert recipe calls for vanilla extract. But when it comes to baking with vanilla, there can be a few choices. Vanilla comes in either pure vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and vanilla beans. You will also find vanilla sugar on the grocery store shelves along with infused vanilla syrups and other options. Most people use vanilla extract for their baking needs as it is the most as it is the easiest to find and usually fairly affordable. Vanilla extract is made by the macerating of vanilla beans in a mixture of alcohol and water. When purchasing vanilla extract try to avoid imitation varieties as they will have a weaker and sometimes tinny aftertaste. It pays to spend a bit more for good quality. Vanilla beans, are a more expensive option but offer the ultimate in flavoring and scenting baked goods. Vanilla beans are an almost waxy dark brown pod that is filled with thousands of little brown flavorful specks. The advantage to using vanilla beans is the way the thousands of little black dots fleck throughout your dessert recipe.

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