This Horse's Markings Spell

Isn't it incredible when Nature seems to go ahead and make the most impossible seeming things a reality? In this amazing photo, this horse's markings actually spell the word 'horse'! How much stranger can you get? This beautiful animal with a dark brown coat and white spots actually spells the word horse with its white spots in a bizarre twist of Nature. It seems so far-fetched that many of may think the image if a fake, though on closer inspection it is indeed genuine.

Can you imagine if a human had body hair that naturally spelled 'human' on their bodies and how weird that would be? It would be like carrying a permanent name tag attached to your body every day, which would definitely border on bizarre. Even more amazing is the fact that the horse wasn't shaved to make the word, nor was it bred to make that word appear on its coat, it just happened. Maybe Mother Nature made a funny joke and we just haven't caught on yet, though if thats the case that poor horse is the punchline of its species. In any case it would certainly be helpful to children learning the word horse, as they could see this photo and instantly associate the two images together.

I have always loved horses, riding them or just watching them they are gorgeous and noble animals. I learned how to ride them in school and always enjoyed my time spent around these gorgeous animals. If I had a horse like this I would think it was the universe's way of telling me something, communicating that being a horse-lover was indeed the way to go. In any event, I would be proud to have such a beautiful animal even if there was something a bit eery about its markings. It is also incredible in a sense that because an animal's markings do show off some of their personality, this horse's markings are funky and fun in their style. The word horse that it spells is both stylish and unique, and looks kind of like someone spray painted those markings on. It definitely looks the opposite of natural, which makes it even more rare and unique.

Now it is time for you to see this incredibly photo of this horse's markings that spell the word horse for yourself! Please click the link below now to the Steel Cow Girl website for this incredible photo and much more.

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