The Best Taco Casserole

Prepare your appetite because you're about to get the recipe for The Best Taco Casserole ever! This recipe will offer a delicious tasty meal that we're sure that if the family knows you are making this, they will always be home right on time for dinner. You won't want to miss the opportunity to get the recipe and cook this on your own. Thanks to this blog called The Pin Junkie, we were able to share this recipe!

The owner of this blog is a wife, a mom and a former grade school teacher named Bonnie. She named her blog The Pin Junkie because she is a self-confessed Pinterest junkie. Searching through Pinterest gives Bonnie a sense of happiness, and she found herself addicted to it. We can't blame her because there are lots of interesting things that people post in there that would inspire anyone to work on some arts and crafts and even discover some yummy new recipes. Here is a chance to awaken your own sense of creativity. You won't just see food ideas from her blog, but even different arts and crafts projects!

She is known for her recipes, but she makes it a point that her website is about encouraging people not to be afraid of trying new things. She is credible giving out tips, and she has earned the trust of her site visitors. Not only that, her dedication to her blog earned her an award in the Better Homes and Gardens Dream Home Pinterest Contest and Bonnie was also mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle. These are just among the milestones since she started her blog.

Moving on to one of her one of her best food creations, we are sure you are ready to know the ingredients and the process for making the best taco casserole. You will need a pound of ground turkey or you could also use beef if you want, a packet of taco seasoning mix, water, diced tomatoes, pinto beans that are drained and rinsed well, tortilla chips or broken taco shells, cheddar cheese, onions, red bell pepper and a cup of chopped lettuce. You will also need a skillet to cook the turkey or beef.

Then you will need to cook the ground turkey in the skillet until it is browned, then drain. Add the taco seasoning packet and some water. Cook until the sauce is thickened, and add the diced tomatoes, and bring to a boil. After you reduce the heat, you will cover and simmer the recipe for a bit while giving it the occasional stir. Then you will add the pinto beans and cook uncovered for a while longer, until the liquid from the tomatoes is reduced. Then in an ungreased 2-quart casserole dish place the broken tortilla chips or taco shells and top with the beef mixture. Sprinkle with cheese and microwave about three minutes to melt cheese. This recipe is a nice variation on just ordinary tacos, and the kids will love it, with some of their favorite taco ingredients baked into a casserole, they'll be coming back for seconds.

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