Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With Pack Of Four-Legged Friends To Trash His Car

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Dogs can hold a grudge too! A stray dog kicked by a driver returns with pack of four-legged friends to trash his car. In some countries there are many stray dogs, who's to say they don't have the right to be treated respectfully. This particular dog has no question about it, he feels he deserves a parking spot as much as a car. And he shows the owner just how cunning and revengeful a dog can be.

This happened in China, a man arrived at his home to find a stray dog laying in his parking space. Of course he needs to get the dog out of the way so he can park his car. Perhaps he should have been more polite about it, at least the dog thought so. In order to get the dog out of the way, so he could park his car in his rightful spot, he kicked the dog. Thinking his problem was handled he went about his business. But the dog was not going to forget this action the man took against him!

He went and got some of his buddies, other stray dogs. He told them the situation and that he was not happy with the way the man treated him. His buddies agreed, how rude, kicking you when you're lying down! Just what does this human think he is doing! We need to do something about this and let him know we will not tolerate this kind of treatment. So they devised a plan. They returned to the parking spot, the dog remembered well where he had been relaxing, minding his own business. And just what did they plan to do? They planned to return the disrespectful behavior and teach that man a lesson. They started trashing the man's car. Biting at it, chewing on it, destroying wipers and fenders. They did visible damage.

A neighbor noticed what was happening and was shocked at what the dogs were doing! So he grabbed a camera and started taking pictures of the evidence. He took several pictures of the dogs in action. Having no idea that the owner of the car had kicked the dog earlier to remove him from the parking spot. Later on he showed the pictures to the car owner. The car owner immediately recognized the dog he had kicked and knew the dog was seeking revenge upon him.

You might want to think twice about how you treat stray dogs, for it is possible they will not forget unkindly treatment. To read the full article click on the link below for the 'earthporm' website.

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