Should You Let Your Dog Choose Your Partner? Watch This!

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Should You Let Your Dog Choose Your Partner? You need to Watch This! They say dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to people, and can sense whether a person is inherently good or bad. Many people have long believed that a dog who doesn't like someone they just met indicates that that person is mean or in some way bad and that the dog picked up on it through their superior and more advanced senses. Astonishingly, science now seems to back up this age-old belief. In fact, in reality, dogs can apparently smell our blood vessels changing as we experience emotions like love, fear, or anger, and therefore they can pick up on our emotions through their nose and other senses. While they pick up on all of our emotions they are happiest when we are happy and respond best to our positive and good feelings that bring out the best in our furry little friends.

We dog lovers have known for a long time that is it important that your dog likes your spouse and that if your dog doesn't like him or her than there could be something wrong with that person. For instance, they could have a mean streak or emotional issues. Dogs are sensitive, emotional creatures that can pick up on things that we as humans completely miss. If only dogs could talk to us, then in a perfect world we would have doggie love gurus telling us the perfect partner for us just by sniffing out our prospective mates. Even still, by observing our canine friends around our love interests, we can see that if the dog likes that person, then they are picking up on their positive emotions, and that's a good sign. In contrast, if they dislike the person then they are picking up that person's negativity, which could end up being a bad sign for a relationship. Combining these clues of your dog's behavior around your significant other might give you a better idea of how things stand between you and your partner, at least emotionally.

What do you think, would you let your dog choose your partner for you, or at least have some say? Please click the link below to the I Heart Dogs website for the full BBC video interview and for all your dog lovers' needs.

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