Shine Your Faucets so they STAY SHINED Once and For All!

This little house cleaning tips idea will shine your faucets, so they stay shined, once and for all. This is one of those household cleaning tips you'll wish you'd thought of sooner. All it takes to polish faucets, sinks, tile, and even shower doors is a little bit of Turtle Wax. This simple household cleaning tip will leave behind a protective barrier against water and soap buildup, so your polished sparkle will last past the next cleaning. You probably already have some Turtle wax sitting in your garage from your last car washing, you'll want to give it a go and have your bathroom faucets always looking good.

This is just one of the simple house cleaning tips you can try in the bathroom. Some of the best cleaning products for bathroom are ingredients you already have in your kitchen cabinets. You can also use simple ingredients such as white vinegar and baking soda to help with cleaning projects around the house. White distilled vinegar is made from soured fruit juice, grain or wine and contains about five percent acetic acid, which makes vinegar a mild acid. The disinfectant properties of vinegar work well for all sorts of household cleaning projects. White vinegar is effective at removing stains, cutting grease, and as a water softener. White vinegar can also be used to remove traces of soap, grease, dissolve mineral deposits, removing mildew or wax build up, polishing some metals and as deodorizers. White vinegar can be used to clean brick or stone, and can be used as an ingredient in some homemade carpet cleaning solutions. Vinegar is typically used in a cleaning solution mixed with water, but can also be used straight. To clean stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain or enamel fixtures, try dissolving a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in water. Then use the mixture to wipe fixtures, then rinse.

Hard limescale deposits around taps can be softened for easy removal by using vinegar soaked paper towels placed over the deposits. Leave the paper towels on the area for about one hour before cleaning. This will leave the chrome clean and shiny. You can also use white vinegar mixed with hot water to clean removable plastic shower head. Completely submerge the shower head and soak for about one hour. To clean porcelain surfaces in your washroom try rubbing with some cream of tartar that is sprinkled onto a damp cloth. For rust stains and hard water, deposits try using full strength white vinegar or lemon juice and letting it stand until the spot disappears, then rinse. Repeat this process if needed. For cleaning bathroom, tiles use a cleaning solution with vinegar and warm water. You can also use a mixture of tea tree oil and water to help the tiles stay cleaner. For soap scum and rust stains try using some salt as a natural bleacher. You can use two cups of water with a teaspoon of salt. Then alternate with a soaked sponge in full strength white vinegar and wipe the affected area and let stand for five minutes then rinse with some clean water. There is no need to go out and buy expensive cleaners when you can use natural ingredients that you already have.

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