She Rolls Up a Ball of Tinfoil and Tosses it Into Her Dryer... When I Saw Why, I Ran to Try It

You're going to love these diy ideas for tin foil. In this video from Clean My Space, she rolls up a ball of tin foil and tosses it into her dryer... when you see why you'll definitely want to try it out for yourself. Tin foil is one of those products we all seem to have in constant supply. The most common uses for it include using it for cooking, like when you're baking potatoes, or broiling fish. It's a handy item to wrap leftover onions in so they don't stink up your fridge, or to wrap up leftover food from dinner so you can enjoy it the next day. You may also use it to cover up a dish to keep your food warm before you serve it as it really molds well to the shape of the dish and stays in place when cling wrap won't. There's so much more you can do with your tin foil though, things you may have never even thought about before. That's why it's great that the folks from Clean My Space made a video to tell us all about the amazing diy ideas that use tin foil. So make sure you always have a roll of it handy, because you might be using it a lot more than ever before.

One of the most interesting things you can use your tin foil for is for dryer balls. All you need to do is take a bunch of tin foil and scrunch it up into a ball that's about the size of a tennis ball. Once you have your tin foil ball, simply throw it in the dryer with your clothes to prevent nasty static cling. The reason tin foil works to remove the static from your clothes is because it absorbs the electrical charges that are created while items are drying, so that it doesn't set into the fabric. Nothing is worse than pulling a load of laundry from the dryer just to have it shock you as you try and pull it apart, so this is one of those diy ideas you will probably want to give a try. Sure there are those expensive dryer balls that work to do the same thing, but why spend money on something you can just make yourself? Also, using the typical dryer sheets like Bounce, while they may smell good, have a lot of different additives in them that people can be sensitive to. Also, dryer sheets can be a big waste and contribute to the large piles of garbage accumulating in landfills. They take a long time to biodegrade as well.

These tin foil dryer balls can be used for months without having to be replaced, which is very cost effective and eco friendly. If you're already choosing to implement non toxic cleaners and products into your home, tin foil could be a great option. There are actually so many great diy ideas you can make with tin foil that are shown in this awesome video from Clean My Space. You can also learn how to make your own diy laundry detergent to keep your laundry routine free from toxins and much more affordable. Making your own diy laundry detergent is easy and all you need is a few products like soap flakes, washing soda, and borax. You can also add in your own essential oils to make it smell amazing, and suit your own personal preferences. Make sure you watch the video to see the other cool things that you can do with tin foil and stock up on some too.***

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