She Grabs A Pair Of Old Jeans and Starts Cutting. What she Makes? This Is Awesome!

Jeans are one of those great wardrobe staples that everyone has, so, if you have an old worn out pair of jeans why not do some fun and easy diys with them? In the video diy on All Tips Ideas, she grabs a pair of old jeans and starts cutting them up, what she makes is so awesome. If you love do it yourself crafts, you'll probably want to try out this great diy project. All you need is a pair of old jeans that you don't mind cutting up. If you don't have any, find some at a thrift store, or ask one of your family members for a pair of their old jeans. Just be sure you ask them if it's okay to alter them before you start cutting. There are so many fun projects to do at home, it's a wonder how anyone could be bored in this day and age. Just on All Tips Ideas alone there are dozens of fun and easy diys. Then, there's all of the other YouTube channels and websites sharing do it yourself crafts, as well as books and magazines dedicated to diys.

This project is very easy and doesn't require you to have advanced sewing skills. You can even use a needle and thread instead of a sewing machine if you don't have access to one. If you are going to attempt to sew this on your sewing machine, just be sure that the needle that's on your sewing machine is able to sew through tougher materials like jeans or leather. The needle will be a thicker gage than a normal sewing machine needle, and you may have to buy one if your machine doesn't come with one. For this tutorial video, she uses a needle and thread to sew up the bottom and side of the bag she's making. First of all, you just need to cut your jeans in half where the button and fly are. Then, sew the open edges together. Once that's done, you simply make a strap out of strips of leftover jean material which you braid together, and then fix the ends onto the inside of the bag. That's it, and you'll have a really cool purse or bag to carry all of your essentials in. The best thing is, this bag also has pockets because the jean pockets, both front, and back are included in the design. You can put your cell phone, maybe some pens and notes to keep handy in these pockets.

In the post from All Tips Ideas, they share other fun and easy diys that involve using jeans. You could make a matching cell phone case for your denim purse, and maybe even a denim flower accessory like they show in the slide show before the video. You can even make home items like a denim rug that is very absorbent. Denim fabric has been used to make jeans since the late 1800s. Originally, jeans were made for cowboys and laborers, as they were the toughest material that would last all of the wear and tears of working in them. It was in the 1950s that people started to wear them as a fashionable item, and their popularity just kept growing and growing. There are different styles of jeans too, the bellbottom, flare jeans, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans and high rise jeans. They are are so versatile, and they last a long time when taken care of, plus, you can recycle them into something totally new with these fun projects to do at home from All Tips Ideas.***

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