Selfies Gone Wrong: 45 Of The Worst Selfies Ever

With all of the smart phones and devices out there, people surely take advantage of sneaking in a photo of themselves any chance they can. Here is a post of Selfies Gone Wrong: 45 Of The Worst Selfies Ever. Most of the time people just want to take a photo looking good, so that they can upload it to social media for all of their friends and family to see what they are up to, and connect with them on a personal level. But sometimes there are times when it's just not a good time to take a photo or sometimes something totally ruins the photo that the person was not expecting.

There are so many funny ones in here, like number 38, that guy just wanted a selfie with a squirrel, but to his surprise, the squirrel was not having it and the other person he was with took a photo of the squirrel attacking him after! Or number 34, this cute monkey taking a photo of itself after stealing someone's phone! There are some unfortunate ones too, like the ones where people are taking selfies in the bathroom at the funeral homes! Why on earth would you do that? It seems pretty disrespectful if you ask me...

Then there is the very disturbing one of the girl in number 35, where the writing below claims that she was kidnapped after taking it... which is not funny at all, but very sad... There are some that you might wonder what happened next, like the guy in number 8 with the train headed right for him! What happened to the guy taking the selfie with the bear? Or the girl hanging off the cliff? We will never know, but you can look through all 45 of them and imagine for yourself! Head over to 'Runt' for this slide show selfie, by following the link in the description below.

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