Secret to Making the Creamiest Dreamiest Sweet Potatoes

Many people do love a perfectly baked sweet potato, but what can you do to make the perfect one every time? Luckily here is a post from Tip Hero, on the 'Secret to Making the Creamiest Dreamiest Sweet Potatoes!' Regular white potatoes are great and have their own nutritional value. They are also super cheap and fill us up really well, so they are a great thing to add to your meal if you are on a limited budget or have a large family to feed. But sweet potatoes, although just a bit more money to buy, have a lot of different nutrients in them and a totally different flavour all together! They really are sweet in their flavour like their name would imply. Sometimes people even add some brown sugar to them to add even more sweetness to them. There is even a dish that is sometimes served at different special occasions, which is pureed sweet potatoes with brown sugar, and then some marshmallows on top, that are then toasted up under the broiler.

Sweet potatoes are very good for us too, they are really high in vitamin A and in vitamin C, and we can get a large portion of our daily intake of these two important vitamins through sweet potatoes. They also have a very high fibre content, higher than normal potatoes. So, if you are looking to increase your fibre intake, a sweet potato is a great thing to add to your dinner plate. There are many different ways to cook a sweet potato, you can do it in the microwave, although, cooking in the microwave can kill some of the good nutrients. You can also boil them in a pot with boiling, salted water, or of course cook them in the oven or even on the BBQ if you like. But this way that Tip Hero recommends will get you the creamiest dreamiest sweet potatoes every time. Sometimes it's hard to know the best way to do things. That is why the internet is such a great source for different tips and tricks like this.

So, you're probably wondering how it's done! Well, its as simple as putting them into the crock pot for 6 - 7 hours! Not really a method you would choose if you needed your sweet potatoes right away. If you needed them in a hurry for dinner, you would probably just want to roast them or microwave them, or just boil them up. You can put them in the crock pot together, 4 at a time, after you have poked holes and rinsed them, and you don't even have to dry them off after you have washed them, since the water's moisture helps to keep them nice and soft and fluffy. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?! Sweet potatoes go with a variety of different meals. They are even great in making certain casseroles or salads even. They are even great just on their own, with some butter or oil on them, with some sea salt and pepper! Head over to 'Tip Hero' for more details by following the link in the section below!

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