Polish Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

This delicious Polish cream cheese coffee cake recipe is best served warm. The recipe itself is a bit time-consuming, but it's worth it for its cream cheese filling and tasty crumble topping, the perfect combination to enjoy with your morning coffee or tea. There is just something about coffee cake recipes that we can't resist, maybe they remind us of home. Coffee cake is always comforting, and a great way to start your day off. Some of the ingredients you will need for the cake recipe include sugar, butter, egg, sour cream, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and baking powder. For the filling recipe, you will need softened cream cheese, white sugar, and egg. For the topping recipe you will need chopped pecans, brown sugar, all-purpose flour and butter.

To preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and then grease a 9 inch by 13-inch baking pan. Then beat together white sugar, butter and egg in a medium-sized bowl until smooth. Add the sour cream and vanilla extract and mix well. The stir in three cups of flour, baking soda and baking powder until the mixture comes together into a sticky dough. Then spread half of the dough evenly into a prepared baking pan. Then beat the cream cheese, some white sugar, and egg in another bowl until it is smooth. The spoon the mixture into a baking dish overtop the dough. The drop the remaining half of dough by spoonfuls overtop of the cream cheese mixture. Then for the topping recipe mix the pecans, brown sugar, flour, and butter in a bowl until the mixture resembles a coarse crumble, then sprinkle over dough. Then bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick that is inserted into the center comes out clean, approxmiately 45 minutes.

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Typically a coffee cake recipe is a classic cake recipe or sweet bread recipe that you will find in many countries. It is usually intended to be eaten with coffee or tea as part of a breakfast meal, or during a coffee break. You can also offer a guest a piece of coffee cake when being a good host. Coffee cake recipes use leavening agents such as yeast and baking soda. Yeast makes the coffee cake more break-like in texture while baking soda or baking powder makes the coffee cake more of a cake like texture. Popular coffee cake ingredient additions include cinnamon or other spices, fruits and nuts. Often a coffee cake will have a crumble topping, along with a sweet glaze or icing recipe overtop. You will find blueberry crumble cakes, and apple crumble cakes to be popular options.

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