Pluto's Crust Might Have Aliens Living Underneath It - UK Scientist

Scientists have been exploring the possibilities of other intelligent life forms coming to our planet for a long time now. But have you heard the latest buzz that Pluto's crust might have aliens living underneath it, according to a UK scientist? That might seem like a stretch but the recent exploration of this once obscure planet has been uncovering plenty of interesting information. It took a long time for our space craft to reach Pluto, and so much that we thought about this little planet has been proven wrong. It seems as though we really knew very little after all, and it usually works like that. We think we're right for a long time until some important piece of the puzzle is uncovered and we realize how wrong we were. It does keep things interesting though!

To think of aliens living underneath Pluto's crust seems like a crazy idea, but this UK scientist is convinced. The climate on Pluto has been considered one of the harshest of all the planets. Because of its distance in space, it's incredibly cold and its surface is frozen. Pair that with the storms and volatile gasses and you have a recipe for a planet that is seemingly uninhabitable. However, this little planet wasn't always like that. At one point it might have had aliens walking across its surface, only to be frozen over in the years to come. The reason they think life might be brewing there somewhere is because there seems to be a subsurface ocean sitting underneath the surface of the crust. And where there are oceans, there is life. Or at least that's what we like to think here on Earth.

It's going to take a long time to figure out more information about Pluto, but we are well on our way. With the New Horizons probe steadily collecting data, we are receiving daily updates from this faraway place, and there's guaranteed to be more interesting facts that arise. Just think of that possibility of aliens living there, that would totally change the course of human thought forever! We have been waiting for that moment for a long time, and although it's difficult to imagine being the only intelligent life forms in space, up until now we haven't been able to prove ourselves wrong.

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