Owl Cupcakes Recipe

The kids will love this "Owl Cupcakes Recipe," with the adorable Oreo eyes and tiny candy beaks, these fun cupcakes will be the hit of the day. These cupcakes are easy to do, and the perfect recipe for the kids to help out with.

Some of the ingredients you will need for this cute owl cupcakes recipe include chocolate cake mix, oil, Oreos (split, keeping the side that has the frosting) and Reese's pieces (just the brown and yellow pieces). To start you will need to bake the cupcakes according to the cake box instructions, and when done let the cupcakes cool completely. Frost each cupcake, dabbing the frosting with a knife to give the owl more texture. For the eyes you will place two Oreo sides on each cupcake, making sure the Oreos are not touching. Frost one side of two brown Reese's pieces and place on each Oreo. Place one yellow Reese's piece in the middle of the cupcake to be the owl's beak. These cupcakes are so much fun to do.

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