Orange To Go- How To Peel An Orange In An Easy Way

We live in a fast-paced, busy, and demanding world. Ideas about time are constantly changing, particularly when it comes to food. Nowadays, even something so simple as grabbing a piece of fruit for your lunch can be more time consuming than you have time for. A tasty orange is the perfect midday pick me up. Juicy and fresh, it is packed full of vitamin C and does the body good. But, peeling an orange can be incredibly tedious, not to mention dirties the fingernails. You might spend half your lunch break plucking away at a piece of fruit, rather than just eating it! Well, fear not- there's a better way!

Take your orange, a paring knife, and a small butter knife.

Holding the orange upright, carefully make an incision horizontally, just through the peel (not into the flesh of the orange) and continue this incision all the way around the circumference of the orange until you've separated the peel into a top half and bottom half.

Then, starting on one half, insert the butter knife vertically between the peel and the fruit inside, and with a gentle sawing motion slide the butter knife along the full circumference of the orange, just under the peel, thereby separating the peel from the fruit. Repeat for the other half. When both halves feel separated, hold one half firmly while gently twisting t the other counter clockwise to free it from the fruit. Do the same with the remaining peel.

Then, use the paring knife to gently scrape away as much of the pith as you would like. You can also remove the core or stem. Place the prepared orange back inside the peel "cups" you have created, wrap it up, and pop it in your lunchbox! Now you can enjoy this tasty and healthy snack in seconds. To watch how it's done, check out the link below to 'YouTube'.

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