Oprah Winfrey Rethinking Idea of Presidential Run!

What if a Presidential candidate, let's assume a Democratic Presidential candidate, had a loyal following of 50 million Republicans, Democrats, and Undecideds who had watched and listen to them religiously for over 30 years? On top of these 50 million dedicated individuals, this candidate was known by close to the entire balance of the United States populace and, for the most part, adored or at the very least liked by (I feel one could go as far as to guess safely) 40% of them? Further, what if the foundation of that relationship – respect, like, trust and admiration was long standing, built over a period of 31 years?

The individual in question had not only introduced tens of millions to new concepts but also successfully helped them in moderating discourse over difficult issues such as racism and sexism. They also led those same millions successfully to expand their views on Spirituality, how to lead their day to day lives more consciously but also made them laugh and comforted them when, on mass, they cried. Millions of these faithful followers were helped to improve their self-esteem, physical and mental health, and all this while this Individual was open about their imperfections, their personal challenges and they managed all this while maintaining an unblemished persona? What would be the effects of someone like that if inserted into a Presidential race? I have asked you to ponder all of this because we may just find out! I read an article on thehill.com and, to quote Oprah Winfrey herself, “I had a lightbulb moment!”

So many people Worldwide are shaking their heads over Donald Trump's successful bid for Presidency. How could someone so brash and so uncharitable who flaunted his wealth and success with shameless bravado win the vote of so many he would never have allowed in his office or stepped over...ok, driven past had they been in the street? These are all questions to be considered for sure but at the top of the heap was that Donald J. Trump, Developer, had no political experience whatsoever.

But today I just realized, that Trump successfully becoming President has, in fact, bestowed a gift. A gift which apparently occurred to Ms. Winfrey during the interview with Bloomberg Media's David Rubenstein.

As the article http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/321748-oprah-says-trump-win-made-her-rethink-whether-she-could-be intimates, at the top of that heap of very special people with no political experience and no prior political aspirations is a woman, wait, not just a woman an African American woman. And we thought President Barak's election was momentous? Personally, I cannot wait to see the U.S., once again, proud and united rejoicing as it leaps over one more hurdle many people thought they would never live to see...the election of an African American woman as President. Now, don't disappoint me, Oprah, because this is a dream I plan to keep alive.

Written by Celia Myers Martin

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