Mysterious Ocean Circles Explained!

As soon as there is a phenomenon which is difficult to explain, we begin to jump to all sorts of conclusions to try and make sense of things. And that's exactly the case with this mysterious ocean circles explained after a long time of being considered alien communication with us humans. Of course it's almost more fun to have the alien explanation being the correct one, but the reality in this case is that the real truth is much more boring. This article that you're about to read is featured on the "Weird Things" website where of course as the title suggests is full of weird things that appear on the fascinating world wide web.

Now without any prior knowledge looking at the photos of this strange geometrical pattern that was found on the ocean floor, I can understand why people would jump to the conclusion that it's some sort of alien. I mean the pattern is really neat and quite perfectly executed, it's a strange thing to find on the sea floor where there are only fish and other small sea life creatures roaming about. For a human to do it while on scuba adventure would be quite the feat, and while it would be quite the extensive prank, it's not exactly the most practical use of someones time. And with all the equipment necessary for going on scuba excursions, it would be hard to do without someone catching on. Well that's why that theory is blown out of the water, along with the recommendation that it might be other intelligent life forms from another planet that are responsible.

The truth of the story is a little more boring but equally as entertaining. Of course it would ruin all the fun if I went and spilled the beans right here, so instead I'll let you click one of the links in the article to get redirected to the "Weird Things" website so that you can check it out for yourself!

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