Mr. Tea Infuser

Good morning! *stretches arms then yawns* Is there anyone out here that prefers tea in the morning? Raise your right foot! *raises mine* Am I the only one? Ok, so I know I'm not alone and there are lots of you out there who love tea. Special mention to our British friends out there (I know most of them love it)! *winks* Can you imagine yourself now in the morning with a cup of tea reading newspaper or a good book while sitting on the porch? It feels so peaceful, right? So now, how do you make a cup of tea? Of course, the tea is inside a bag called 'tea bag'. Then you pour the boiling water in the cup and soak the tea bag in it. Pretty simple, huh? But wait. The look of a teabag while drinking your tea is quite...boring, isn't it? Well, for me it is. But worry no more. A tea infuser will make your life more artistic now (for drinking tea, I mean). God bless the person who invented this cool tea diffuser!

Well, take a look at that tea infuser shown above: a man having a good time soaking himself in the hot water. You would wish you can do that too, just having a good time with yourself (minus the very hot water). What do you think of it? It is pretty really cool, huh? The creativity and cuteness? Check! Makes you want to look at it over and over again! Surely, you will enjoy drinking your tea with this tea infuser. A perfect partner in the morning, what do you say?

With or without a tea infuser, we should encourage ourselves to drink tea. Aside from the fact that it's good to drink something hot in the morning, tea is also a beverage with loads of healthy benefits. Nevertheless, enjoy your tea now with a tea infuser!

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