Most Surprising Unhealthy Foods

With the rise of obesity in recent years among adults and children alike, there has been a strong focus on healthy eating to curb these unhealthy ways. Now sometimes we can think certain foods are good for us, but here's an article to show you the most surprising unhealthy foods. Most of them will likely surprise you but it's important to know so that you can buy your food accordingly. Since many people struggle with their weight, they might think it's a problem of genetics (which it might be) but they might also be susceptible to eating foods that are actually bad for them without even knowing.

Just a heads up, you might be a little sad going through the list, since you might need to rethink many daily items you are currently indulging in. But just know that it will be worth while in the long run. The best way to approach any habit is to simply go with some nice little baby steps. No need to rush full speed ahead. If you do that you're more likely to fall back into old habits anyways. SO its best that you just take it one food item at a time instead of trying to cut out every single one of them on the list.

Some of the surprising unhealthy foods you will find on the list include; cous cous, you might think this grain is healthy because it is popular with vegetarians, but couscous is made with refined wheat and is no more nutritious than plain white pasta. You might want to try some whole wheat couscous or quinoa for a healthier side dish; frozen yogurt, you might not know that most frozen yogurt isn't yogurt at all, but a sugary ice cream substitute. Even when you find a place that has real yogurt, it is often heat-processed, killing the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt. For a healthy frozen treat, get some full fat Greek yogurt, best if its naturally sweetened with fruit or honey, and put it in the freezer; Veggie Burgers, just because a burger is vegetarian doesn't make it healthy. Not all veggie patties are created equally with nutrition in mind, and some of them are healthy, veggie-filled burger alternatives. Most veggie patties are made with a lot of fillers like corn starch, soy, and gluten, which reproduce the texture of a burger but give you a lot of calories without much nutrition. If the first ingredient on your veggie burger isn't a vegetable, try another brand.

There might be some that you're super attached to as well. For example, I know my grandma switched from Coke to Diet Coke thinking it was much better for her health. In reality some people actually advocate that the Diet Coke version is worse for you than the original recipe, because the sugar is aspartame and the body has a harder time of handling it. Another one that many people trying to eat healthy are probably getting tricked by is good old trail mix. It would seem like such a healthy option compared to other treats, but in fact it's almost just as bad as most junk food items. There's plenty of salt, sugar, and they usually have additives to make them last longer on the shelves.

While these items I just mentioned are only a small portion of what's on the list, it still gives you an idea of some things to avoid.

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