Meet this Horse that is too Posh to Live in the Barn (But His Owner Does!)

Horses and humans share a special bond like no other, especially a horse and its owner, who often rides the animal which takes a special relationship between the two. "Another This horse is too posh for the barn, and lives in the HOUSE! So funny, you have to see this!" is a bit surreal to see an animal of this size, walk around just like a dog or cat, but on a much larger scale.

This cute story supported by lots of great photos of the horse, its owner and the house that the horse so comfortably lives in takes place in Holt, Germany. When the powerful "Xaver" storm swept through north Germany a year and a half ago, Stephanie Arndlt brought Nasar her three year old Arabian horse inside, to keep safe and comfort the horse. Since that time, the horse has grown quite comfortable with the situation, and enjoys staying indoors. The horse walks throughout the house, just like its an ordinary thing to do, it's quite funny. It goes to show the type of relationship this horse and owner have, the horse is a smart animal who got a taste of the good life.

I'am thinking that horses are very smart, and Nasar obviously shares a special bond with its owner, because once this horse realized how nice it was inside the house, there was no going back, and of course the owner has accepted this as the horse is loved, and it seems to be a normal thing to do. I mean how could you resist this beautiful animal, it would be hard not to give in, to such an animal, good thing they have rugged wooden floors, the horse seems to not be doing any damage.

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