Mayo Free Potato Salad

It is probably a little bit hard to imagine a mayo free potato salad, but believe it or not that this can be done. This recipe that you are about to read will prove to you that you don't have to always put mayonnaise in your potato salad. This is good news for those who are on a diet and who want to maintain their fit physique because eliminating mayo in your salad will help you achieve your health goals. The question that you might have in mind in line with this recipe is if this salad would be just as good even without the mayo? The quick answer is yes. A huge benefit of a 'mayo-free' potato salad is that you can take to pot lucks and picnics with far less concern about food poisoning, which is always a risk with mayo in hot weather.

But first, how about a brief overview on what this dish is. Boiled potatoes are what make up the bulk of this salad and over the years, it has been reinvented and enhanced that so many versions were made in different parts of the world. Although it's called a salad, it is technically a side dish, which goes simultaneously with a main course. You will often see this alongside fried chicken, burgers and even cold sandwiches. It is ideal to eat during potlucks, picnics and other casual gatherings. In short, it is not a dish that will intimidate a lot of people thinking it's for fancy meals and events.

Many professional chefs choose to cook it during occasions that involves a lot of people. It is so easy to make it and to serve for huge events. It can even be prepared ahead of time. Storing it is also easy because you will just have to put it in the fridge until needed. The ingredients are not complicated and are even inexpensive.

Germany, Italy, Russia and the United States are the four major countries that embrace this dish. Each of these countries has their own versions that are completely different from each other. Like we have mentioned earlier, it's hard to picture making this without mayonnaise. But there's a good alternative for that ingredient so it would still be that creamy and tasty salad that you all know. The secret ingredient here involves cup of plain Greek yogurt. The other things that you will need are some red-skinned potatoes, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, celery, shallot, 2 tablespoons of chopped chives and the staple for almost every food, salt and pepper.

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