Mayan UFO Alien Connection (UFOs, Sightings, Ancient Mayans) Must See!

You can find pyramids all over the world, and they all look so similar its hard to believe different groups of people built it. Maybe they were not such "different' groups of people anyway. Every religion attached to these structures tries to explain it in some ways, and even other people attempt to draw lines of Ancient Mayan "UFO Alien" Connections. Ancient texts have all referenced prior civilizations to the ones we are "formally" educated on today. It is almost as if "pyramid building" was a universal practice done all throughout the world, as if they were once part of some great civilization with common values and cultures that spread over the world and then eventually died off.

Scholars and experts have dated some of the gigantic man made sculptures to being built over 6000 years ago with some of the Giza pyramids built with the comparable accuracy of modern surveying and building equipment like the use of laser leveling for accuracy to within a fraction of an inch over the entire base. That being said, these man made mounds are absolute miracles of technology, architecture, mathematics, construction, astronomy and masonry. Some pyramids are found in Great Britain, north america, and even remote Pacific Islands - with huge rock structures built in China and even reports from WWII pilots saying there are pyramids in remote, treacherous, isolated valleys of the vast Himalayan Mountain range.

We should also practice extreme caution that modern theories don't intrude on ancient Vedic and Sanskrit data and texts. Widely regarded as some of the oldest languages in the world, there are reports that older artifacts have been found with an "unknown" language. Also the misrepresentation and translation of religious texts should not be used solely to compete with the science being unearthed, but rather be a complement and combined study of both literature and archaeology of ancient times.

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