Lunch Lady Brownies

Thinking way, way back to that wonderful time when you were in primary school, do you remember the wonderful food the “lunch ladies” used to serve? I loved the chicken nuggets, pizza and the homemade rolls. While I don't even remember being served brownies, apparently the recipe for these Lunch Lady Brownies is an old classic. Even if your lunch lady didn't serve you these delicious brownies, chances are you've had at least one along the way, and this brownie recipe should flood your mind – and your taste buds – with wonderful memories of childhood. Even if they don't, this is still an amazingly simple and delicious brownie recipe that's worth trying!

Do you remember your school cafeteria's lunch lady? Mine was a gentle older woman with her hair always placed in a neat bun at the top of her head. She was always smiling and seemed happy to see each child. She knew us all by name and would ask about our school work, or our parents or grandparents. And she used to make the most delicious food. Unfortunately, I can't remember her name. I think I always knew her as 'the lunch lady' which, by the way, is an American slang term for a woman who cooks and serves food in a school cafeteria. In Britain, these women were called 'dinner ladies' or 'cafeteria ladies'. There are actually a lot of lunch ladies portrayed in popular culture, including Miss Beazley from the Archie Comics, Gladys on The Muppet Show and Lunchlady Doris from The Simpsons. Adam Sandler even performed a song called “Lunch Lady Land” on Saturday Night Live. Usually in fondness, lunch ladies are often remembered for their wonderful treats and other delicious old-fashioned lunch and dessert recipes and this Lunch Lady Brownie recipe is certainly a delicious, old-fashioned delight!

A chocolate brownie is a baked square that was developed in the U.S. around the end of the 1800's and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first part of the 20th century. A brownie is a cross between a cake and a soft, chewy cookie in texture (which may be why I love them so much!) and depending on its density can be either fudgy or cakey. The first (known) printed use of 'brownie' appeared in the 1896 version of Fannie Farmer's Boston Cookie-School Cook Book, although one popular legend is that in 1893 Bertha Palmer, a Chicago socialite, asked her pastry chef for a dessert suitable for ladies and requested a cake-like confection, but smaller than a piece of cake. The result was the Palmer House Brownie, a sweet brownie dessert recipe that included walnuts and apricot glaze.

This Lunch Lady Brownie recipe is simply incredible. The brownies are fudgy and chewy (and totally amazing!). This is an old, classic recipe that is simple and delicious every time. For this brownie recipe, all you will need is melted butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, flour, granulated sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. This brownie recipe also includes a chocolate frosting recipe that is to-die-for. Again, you'll need butter and unsweetened cocoa powder, as well as milk and powdered sugar. The instructions that accompany this delicious brownie recipe are easy to follow and these brownies are practically no-fail – they come out even more delicious every time you bake them! While this brownie recipe yields 12 large, or 24 small, brownies, I would double it to make an extra tray. These are so good; they'll be gone before you know it!

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