Key Lime Cheesecake Pie

A big thank you to Pillsbury's website for bringing us this awesome Key Lime Cheesecake Pie recipe that looks too good to resist. If you are looking for that perfect dessert to make for any occasion or any night of the week, this key lime cheesecake pie will be right up your alley. Quite often people like a dessert recipe that isn't too sweet and has just the right amount of tartness to it. Limes and lemons, although tart and sour in flavour actually make surprisingly amazing desserts when some sweetness is added in. Usually the zest of the lemon or lime as well as fresh lemon or lime juice is added into recipes to give them a lovely citrus flavour. Just like in this wonderful cheesecake pie recipe.

Cheesecake pie is exactly what the name entails, it is cheesecake made into a pie crust instead of a graham cracker crust like we are used to seeing for typical cheesecake recipes. The pie crust comes already pre baked from Pillsbury, a well known baked goods manufacturer in the United States. Pillsbury specializes in creating pre made and packaged desserts, biscuits, rolls, crusts, and more to make people's lives easier so they can enjoy the taste of baked goods without having to do all of the hard work of baking. For example, cinnamon buns can take quite a while to make from scratch, you have to wait for the yeast to activate in the flour and for the bread dough to rise. You have to knead the dough quite a bit too for a home made cinnamon bun recipe. It can be a ton of work. But with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls you can simple pop open the pre made roll of cinnamon bun dough and place them in the oven and they will be ready in minutes. Just like the pie crust used for this awesome key lime dessert.

The crust gets baked the same way that you would normal pie crust would, but you don't have to mix the dough or roll it out, which can take up a lot of time and energy, you just take Pillsbury's pre made crust and put it in the pie pan and bake it. The filling recipe is simply made out of gelatine, eggs, sugar, lime juice, cream cheese, butter, grated lime peel and whipping cream. Once the pie is baked and then set, you have a gorgeous looking vibrant green pie that will please any crowd and be lovely for any occasion. Limes are also great to use in cooking, especially Mexican style recipes. Many times you will have fresh lime juice squeezed into recipes for guacamole, or pico de gallo fresh salsa. People also love to squeeze fresh lime on their fish as well to enhance the flavour without adding too much salt. Limes are very detoxifying and have a lot of vitamin C, just like all other citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Except limes and lemons don't have a lot of sugar in them either making them great for assisting in liver detoxification.

Cheesecake has been around for centuries too, did you know that Ancient Greeks used to make cheesecake with fresh cheese and then drizzle it with honey and serve it with fruit? This recipe has changed and grown over the past years, but it still remains a favourite recipe among people all around the world. There are even vegan cheesecake recipes for people who don't eat dairy, and it mimics the flavours and texture of cheesecake by using cashews to make a creamy cake that can be eaten just like normal cheesecake but with no dairy. Try out this great version of cheesecake from Pillsbury.

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