Just Released by Mexican Authorities: Proof of Alien Life on Earth

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations were indeed very famous up until this day for the advancements they possess above any other civilization during their time. The Mayan and the Aztecs were extremely powerful in terms of mathematics, agriculture, astronomy and used hieroglyphics for recording in the whole of Meso-America. The Incas were vast in the field of military power and built structures in Peru that were comprehensively more progressive than other superpower nations.

These races may have existed at different times, at different places, and originated first than the other. They have one major similarity: they considered an ancient being who traveled to Earth with a flying ship, dressed in a fairly odd suit to be a God. This particular being (specifically Quatzalcoatl to the Aztecs and Kukulkan to the ,Mayans), along with giant and African-looking soldiers allegedly taught them to build a powerful empire rooting from excellent agricultural mathematical, scientific, and military skills. This belief has been used as proof by many researchers following the existence of certain structures from these famous civilizations to be indescribable to how they were built because only a form of higher intelligence and the possession of advanced tools could position them to their current the locations they are placed and their structure characteristics as of today.

Many scriptures and carvings from the Mayans and Aztecs depicted a contact with such intelligent creatures. It is no coincidence that even when people from these two civilizations never met and lived in different areas, the similarity of the things they wished to express in their writings and portraiture were described in the same manner. That is, the existence of life forms with long, protruded heads in unusual garments and headdresses in disk-like flying ships in relation to drawings of the galactic imagery. Carved items of the same depictions were also collected from Mexico.

On January 1, 2015, The Mexican government released the top-secret artifacts they have been keeping for years. These artifacts were believed to have been from the Mayans, such artifacts included a huge, head-like item with protruding characteristics, wood-carved items, and carved illustrations clearly depicting that such existence was possible and helped a civilization rise to power.

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