Is Your Oven All Greasy and Grimy? Here's a Quick and Natural Way to Clean It.

We all have the feeling of dread when it comes to keeping our ovens clean. Here is a fabulous tutorial from Blog Lovin that teaches you How to Get Your Oven Sparkling Clean! Lets be serious, we use our ovens probably once every day, and when you use it that much, you have to accept the fact that it is going to get messy in there after a while. You can do all of these protective measures to try and minimize your cleaning obligation, but, there is only so much you can do... Some people use some aluminum foil to protect the bottom of their oven from getting too dirty. If cheese or anything drips, the aluminium foil will be right there to catch it. All you would have to do when you wanted to clean is just take it out and replace it with a fresh sheet cut to size. The only problem with this is that now, there are certain ovens that specifically say on the floor of the oven, not to place foil on it. So this kitchen cleaning tip is a welcome sight for anyone who needs a clean oven, the easiest most pain free way possible.

The other concern is cleaning your kitchen appliances with a bunch of chemicals. First of all, you don't want to use chemicals where you are going to cook your food. Even airborne chemicals can off gas and add toxins to the food we eat. So forget about that one! Second of all, we don't want to pollute the Earth by using more chemical products in non recyclable containers that will end up in our landfills. No thank you! So what are you left with you might be asking at this point. Well, you might be surprised to know that there are natural cleaning agents that you can use and they are not expensive either. The other wonderful thing is that you probably have them in your home already. This is exciting isn't it? So what are these magical natural cleaning products? Plain old simple baking soda and vinegar! Yes, that is really all you need to clean your oven the easiest, most natural way.

Baking soda is a great substance that we use in so many ways, we can use it to brush and whiten our teeth, it can be made into deodorant, it can also be a great natural hair rinse to remove any build up on the hair from use of product. Many people even drink it in water everyday to maintain an alkaline environment in their digestive system. We also of course use it in recipes. But now, you can use it for another purpose, for cleaning your home! It can be used in this way for scrubbing your kitchen appliances as well as your bathroom, and it can be used to deodorize carpet and to freshen up mattresses with a little sprinkle and vacuum. Vinegar is the other amazing natural home cleaning item that we always tend to have on hand it is great for recipes, as well as to take heavy smells out of plastics and wood. It is also amazing for cleaning. The two cleaning agents put together create some real magic though! They will fizz when you add them together, so don't get worried. The vinegar and baking soda combined helps to eat away at the stuck on food and helps to loosen it up so its easier than ever for you to wipe right off! How fabulous is that? You can leave the solution on the walls of your oven covering all of the surfaces, overnight or a few hours for it to really work overtime. You will be so happy when you start to wipe the oven down with a rag and the gunk and grease just comes right off so easily! Happy Cleaning!

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