If You Like Chocolate Cookies, You´ll Definitely Love This Simple Finger Food Dessert!

Ever had those days when you wish had some delicious snack to munch on to ease up your hunger, but you can't find anything you are in the mood for in the kitchen? Well, those days are over because of this “Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites” recipe that you're about to read. Sometimes, all you need are just a couple of bites of this creamy chocolate dough, and your craving is gone. But it's not just during those times that this recipe comes in handy, it is also perfect to serve them as finger food desserts during parties. This dessert recipe makes for a great dessert to bring to parties to share with people. We all love finger foods that we can easily pick up and munch on when we are visiting, something that can be eaten in a bite or two and that isn't messy. These little cookie dough bites are the perfect recipe all around.

Thanks to the blog 5 Dollar Dinners, we were able to discover this amazing recipe. The blog owner is Erin Chase, who is also known as the $5 Dinner Mom because all the recipes she shares, she keeps the cost in $5 range! So not only do you get to know a new recipe, but you also save a lot of money knowing you'll only spend $5 or even less. Recipes that are delicious and economical, what more can you ask for? We are all looking for ways to stay in our desired budgets so this a great website to follow in regards to that. Making food at home is very enjoyable as well. You get to see what you are really capable of in the kitchen, and it is fun to learn and grow your own skills and share the results with your family and try them out yourself!

Now going back to this recipe, it's good news for some people who have food allergies because Erin made it a point to keep it versatile. This means you could adjust the ingredients to work with your health's condition. Like if you're allergic to dairy, you can always use non-dairy products like some dairy-free margarine like Earth Balance, or Organic Coconut oil, instead of butter. This one is also eggless, so if you're allergic to poultry food, then your allergy is the last thing that you should worry about. It doesn't seem to have any nuts in it either, which is great.

The only thing is, we just have to warn you that you will need a lot of self-control when you finally have the first bite from these cookie dough treats. It's just like Pringles; once you pop, you can't stop! So take them out and share them with people around you. They will love you forever. They would be great to make and give as gifts as well, make a dozen and put them in a nice little box with a little bow on it. They would be sure to please anyone who received them.

Well, have fun! To view the entire recipe for these Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites, check out the website “5 Dollar Dinners” . Happy Baking!

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