Ice Cream Sandwich Hot Fudge Cake

I Scream! You Scream! We all scream for Ice Cream! How about this recipe for an 'Ice Cream Sandwich Hot Fudge Cake'.

Now that is a mouthful to say and believe us; you will want many mouthfuls of this delightful frozen dessert.

This is another one of those super easy desserts to make as you the ingredients are all pre-made. Perfect for those that love the shortcuts available.

Just for fun, let's talk about homemade ice cream. It is always interesting to know how our grandmothers made things. I'm talking about our older grandmothers, the ones that didn't have access to grocery stores and ready made food.

Freezing foods was accomplished by mixing salt with ice. When you mix salt and ice together, it reduces the freezing point. The making of ice cream dates back to 1671, but it was only for the Royal and affluent people. The secret of making ice cream was closely guarded. It was not until 1718 that an English recipe for ice cream appeared. The long ago ice cream included a custard base using egg yolks. Not until the 1800's did Americans get their first taste of ice cream.

A wooden bucket was filled with ice and salt. It had a handle attached to it that rotated (by hand!). In the center of the bucket was a metal container that contained the cream. This ice and salt made the cream very cold, and with the turning of the handle, the 'churning' created a smooth creamy texture. The frozen creamy parts needed to be scraped down from the sides with a 'spaddle' which was like a mini spade with a long wooden handle. It took some work to make that creamy frozen treat!

Over the years, flavors were added and the tool to make ice cream got more efficient and easier to use. Making ice cream at home these days is pretty common. Anyone that has a modern home ice cream maker knows how the magic happens.

It is always very interesting to just reflect on how things cames to be. Now to find the complete recipe and instructions for this yummy dessert please visit the 'Hugs & Cookies' website below.

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