How To Train Your Dog To Shut Doors & Turn Off Lights

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I love smart dogs. I think dogs, in general, are cute, but a clever, well behaved dog is a delight to be around and is good exposure for the children. My best friend has a dog that taught our kids how to shut doors and turn off the lights. The dogs are smart and with some guidance they easily will become accustomed to preforming on command.

When my friend came over her well behaved pooch went over and gently pushed the door with its nose until it closed. Later on it did the same thing when we came back inside from the back yard. I asked here right then and there how she managed to train her dog to be so helpful. She said it started off very easy as you first get them to touch a target on command. She used stickers and placed them on her hand, and would train the dog to touch the sticker to get a treat. Then she would place stickers on the drawers and door and get the dog to touch them all and then run back to get a treat. Now she can get the dog to do a sweep of the kitchen before they go as she keeps the dog treats by the door. The dog does a walk through and gently closes the pantry door and any open drawers or cupboards and waits by the main door for his treat as they leave.

I was amazed and was petting her dog and telling her how smart he was. Just before they left, I asked if I could give her dog a treat, and she ran to her car and came back with something in her hands. It was a dog treat and a STICKER! She gave me the sticker to put on my door and right away the dog went over and closed it!

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