How to Tie the 17 Knots You Need to Know

There are plenty of useful tips for life that help us in many different ways. Tying knots, for example, is a great life skill that will make our lives easier, and they can also double as practical survival skills as well. Here is a great tutorial from All Tips Ideas on how to tie the 17 knots you need to know so you'll be ready for anything. Tying knots is a practical art form that goes way back in history. Knots have many practical uses and are used in many different professions and hobbies like boating and sailing, camping, climbing, fishing, and even in surgery. Arborists also use knots when climbing in trees to hold them securely in place and rescue professionals also need to know some good knot tying methods to rescue victims from potential life threatening situations. Knot tying can also be a hobby when used in artistic applications like macramé and jewelry making. You can also apply similar techniques in knitting as a knitted item is basically just made up of a sequence of many different knots or stitches. Knots can be as simple as an overhand knot, or very complicated as a monkey's fist knot.

Most of the knots in the slide show from All Tips Ideas are very practical and simple knots to tie and are used to make our lives easier. When looking for fun things for kids to do, teaching them how to tie these practical knots would be fun, and it would also give them useful tips for life that they'll remember for years to come. In the slide show, the photos show how to tie a box knot, a figure 8 knot, a sheet bend, Taut-line hitch, Fisherman's Knot, and a water knot. Then, wait until the end of the slide show to watch the video showing how to tie 7 knots, telling you what each knot could be used for. It really helps to see exactly how these knots are tied by having the visual of someone else doing it while a voice-over explains what they are doing. You could get out your own rope and practice along with the video until you get it right and rewind and pause the video as needed. Once you have practiced a few times, you'll probably have it figured out, and you will be able to remember how to do it forever. If you don't, just refer to the video.

There are actually a lot of knot aficionados out there, in fact, there is something known as the International Guild of Knot Tyers or IGKT, which was established in 1982. The men to create the guild met up after an article appeared in The Times speaking about a new knot that had been created. So it was decided that there should be some sort of knotting association to approve the different types of knots. Des Pawson and Geoffrey Budworth were the knotting professionals who created the guild, and it is still running today. The Guild is an educational and nonprofit organization They even have a quarterly magazine called Knotting Matters, that is sent out to all of the guild members. They are a reference source for everything to do with knots as they keep up with research and practices of different knotting techniques. Buying a knot tying book or pamphlet would also be a nice way to keep these techniques handy when you don't have access to a computer or the internet. So the next time you're looking to brush up on some useful tips for life or fun things for kids to do, check out this different knot tying methods and have some fun with it.***

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