How to Make Apple Strudel From Scratch

Are you a lover of apples? Well, if you are, then you should learn how to make Apple Strudel from scratch! It will warm your soul and keep your friends content. Forget purchasing boxed apple strudel, and instead, put together a recipe on your own. This recipe is simple with a step-by –step outline for you to follow. You won't get confused, and you will be proud of your creation. Do not buy store-bought phyllo dough anymore. It cannot compare to dough made from scratch. Instead, with this recipe, you can learn to make your own dough. Learn how they do it in Vienna and Prague, and never go back to purchasing it from a store. You will be happy that you can, “pull a strudel” and will want to share your new skills with your family and friends. This apple strudel will be a catch, and everyone will want to learn your new talent.

Strudel is a famous dessert in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. You can always find the apple strudel in their bakeries. And if you have ever been lucky enough to try one from scratch that is authentic, you will know that they don't compare to any other. It is loved by many, and is great served as a late-night stack or for breakfast on a cold day. The word strudel comes from German, and means, “whirlpool” because of its rolled shape. There are many versions of strudel, but apple is one of the greatest! Try this recipe today and top it with some whipped cream. You will have an authentic dish everyone will be raving about. Pass it on to your children and make it a family recipe. Everyone will be happy to have this in his or her recipe book.

Before getting started, there are many do's and don'ts, such as don't start making the apple filling before stretching the dough. To make a perfect pastry, you also need to make sure that you have a good workspace, that has lots of open space to be able to stretch the dough out on. The dough is formed by rolling it out after kneading it, and then stretching it out with your hands, it is a process to learn, so don't get too frustrated with the process. Take your time and have patience. Also, don't wear jewelry, such as a bracelet or watch, because it can tear the dough and cause you to start over. The Fine Cooking website shows you step by step how to do the pastry so you can get a visual of what it looks like. Something everyone should do is they should serve the strudel when it is hot. You should do serve it when it is freshly made, hopefully the first day. It is not as good on the second day. It is important that you look at all of the dos and don'ts before starting this project so you can prevent mistakes. Nobody wants to waste food and start over. It is best to know these tips and tricks and to be patient.

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