How To Decorate A Room With A Neutral Color Palette

Painting a room using neutral colors is not as easy as you think it is. Although the color is simple, it needs a lot of attention when it comes to the hues and lightings of the room. Neutral colors are good to keep you calm and it is often used by interior design personnel for decorating both public and private spaces. Here are ways you can decorate your space using neutral colors.

1.Combine Different Creams

Try combining gray or white to get a new, fresh, calming color for your interior. In the last few years, many people agreed that gray is the new sophisticated look for everyday lifestyle. Gray is also compatible with any color and will make them more stunning. Gray is classy and never goes out of style.

2.Tempting Texture

When decorating a room, make sure that the color and the texture are in good combination. A great color paired with unsuitable combination of textures can bring the ambiance down. Take consideration on your room textures and crafts such as the bamboo, pillows, elegant frames or other décor.

3.Silver and Gold

Ever since the ancient times, silver and gold decorations are not the conventional. However, a lot of designers nowadays are experimenting with bold and bright colors including silver and gold. Both colors when mixed can produce a' la retro design of the 60s and 70s construal. Simple furniture such as chairs, pendants, chandeliers or even nightstands can be used as a tool to project these sophisticated colors as long as it is combined with great lightings as well.

4.The Black

Black will never go out of style, and it still projects the intelligence and high-end fashion sense in your home. Black has its own distinct ability that able to widen spaces, enhances a particular architectural feature, and it is simply timeless. Know how to balance the black because the color itself is elegant.

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