How To Cut A Straight Line Using A Skill Saw Or Jig Saw

Do you need to cut some wood but don't have access to a table saw? Like many people you will probably be using a skill saw or jig saw to cut your line, but you want it to be straight right? This link is a handy guide on How To Cut A Straight Line Using A Skill Saw Or Jig Saw and will take you step by step through the motions of being able to cut yourself a straight line in the wood you are using.

You will need a board to act as your guide so it needs to be free of warps or bends, this is what will allow you to glide along as you make the cut so that the line is as straight as possible. It would be great for a project where you are cutting wood that is longer, like strips of plywood or just cutting it to size and having to make longer lengthways cuts. You basically just line up your saw to the guide board and away you go!

The great guide from the 'Instructables' website takes you through step by step so that you have a clear idea of how you are to carry out the procedure, so that you don't mess up and waste supplies and materials in the process of figuring it out. They have put up great descriptive photos and written descriptions to help you with your wood cutting project, making it easier and less frustrating to get the results you want. The nice thing is, you really don't need a lot to get started you can pretty much use things you probably already have if you are doing a wood working project anyway. So if you need some help head over to ' Instructables' by following the link in the description below for more!

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