How to Clean Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring for $0.25

Wouldn't you love to know more effective ways to clean your toilet? Here's a great toilet cleaning tip from Tips For The Home. You can learn how to clean stubborn toilet bowl rings for only 25 cents. The other great things is that this toilet cleaning method is totally natural and uses no harsh chemicals to clean your toilet. Cleaning the toilets in your home can be especially difficult at times. Depending on how many people you have living in your home, your toilets may get pretty nasty at times. And no one ever likes to volunteer to clean the toilet, but someone has to do it, right? This is one of those simple life hacks that won't make you work harder than you have to. For this tutorial all you need is a packet of lemon Kool-Aid, the same kind you use to make a fruity flavourful drink. You may even already have some on hand if your family drinks it. Then, all you do is simply pour out the entire package of Kool-Aid into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a while. Usually an hour is plenty of time.

The citric acid in the lemon Kool-Aid works to eat away at even the hardest to remove toilet stains, which is why it's so important you get lemon flavoured Kool-Aid. The lemon flavour will have more citric acid in it, because citric acid is what gives it the lemony citrus flavouring. You could also try lime or orange flavours too as these will also have higher amounts of citric acid than the other flavours. Did you know that Kool-Aid and all drink crystals or drink powders have some citric acid in them? It's a natural labor but it also helps to keep packaged food and drink fresh. You'll also see citric acid in salsas, some canned fruits and sauces. The inventor of Kool-Aid wanted to create a beverage that didn't cost as much to ship as bottled juices and drinks, so he took the liquid out of the juice and it left behind the crystals. So he packaged them up and shipped them off to stores. Once at home, people would add their own water and sugar to create a liquid again. Kool-Aid became a favourite drink for kids in North America over the years, and it still continues to be very popular. Even adults who grew up drinking Kool-Aid still love it.

You can also use Kool-Aid to clean out your dishwasher. In the same way that it works to clean the water deposits in your toilet bowl, it will work to release build up from your dishwasher so your dishes can be cleaned properly. Just empty out a packet of the drink mix, again in a citrus flavour into the same area where you would usually put the soap, and run the dishwasher through on the hottest setting with no dishes. You wouldn't want to stain your favourite white china. You'll probably notice a difference after you do this and the best thing is, it's all natural so it won't pollute the earth or your home environment. Use the Kool-Aid in the same way in your washing machine, just make sure you don't run it through with clothes in the machine otherwise you'll have some tie dye going on. We hope you enjoyed these simple life hacks, for more toilet cleaning tips and home cleaning tips check out the Tips For The Home website. Be sure to try out some of these neat Kool-Aid cleaning tricks and share the ideas with your friends and family so they can try them out too.***

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