How to Add Privacy to Any Window Without Curtains or Blinds

Have you ever wondered how you can add some privacy to any window in your house without curtains or blinds? Coral TV has a great solution for you. Curtains and blinds, while they look great, can sometimes be expensive. Also, blinds and curtains don't add much privacy unless their closed all the time, and that just blocks the light out significantly making for a really dark room. So a great solution is to frost out part of your window to make it impossible to see anything through it, while leaving the top open to let the light in. This way you get your privacy and the light. The frosting is thick enough so people can't see through, but it also lets some light through a bit too. This is one of those do it yourself home projects that will be finished in no time at all and it will give you some good privacy without robbing you of all your light. All you need is some cornstarch, water and some lace. Plus a paint brush to adhere the lace to the window and a measuring tape to measure the window and make sure you cut the right amount of lace to cover your window space.

All you do is take some cornstarch and dissolve it into some warm water until it is a gluey consistency. This is the paste that will stick your lace to the window and fill in the gaps and spaces of the lace. Then, you take your measuring tape and measure the glass part of the window, leaving a little extra for some overlap so there are definitely no spaces. If you cut too little of a piece of lace, you can always fill in the gaps with a little piece of lace you add in. Place the lace on the window, and start adding the paste on it with a paint brush. Get a lot on there and make sure that it covers the entire area. Once that's done, you just let it dry and you have your own, very chic, privacy screen. You can use any pattern of lace you like, but white or cream colored lace will probably work the best since the paste dries white. You could experiment with other colours and see how they turn out though. Wouldn't this be great for a bathroom or a bedroom? It's also one of those diy ideas that would be great for dorm rooms to have some more privacy in your space since it's completely removable. Just take some warm water and a cloth and saturate the lace when you're ready to remove it and it will look like it was never there.

The ladies on Coral TV suggest to put the lace on the outside of the window so that you can still clean the insides of the window effectively. If anything gets on the lace it would be hard to wash it without removing the paste. Useful tips for life like this also create great ways to recycle items you may just have lying around your home. If you have an old table cloth you never use for example, just use the lace from that for the do it yourself home projects. This is also far more environmentally friendly than buying a plastic adhesive window frosting or applying permanent frosting to your window. If you want to use the lace for something else, all you have to do is wash it and dry it out after removing it from the window. Enjoy this and more diy ideas from Coral TV and YouTube.***

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