Honey Garlic Glazed Pork Chops

Are you going on a date on a Thursday night? “Yes. And I am thinking about what to cook! I can't have another box of pizza.” Well, a box of pizza on a date would be perfect for me... if I am your date! But hey, I am here to date you... I mean not to date you. But my loving self is here to give you another oh-so-yummy recipe to fill you and your date's stomach on a special night. “What's the recipe?” Honey Garlic Glazed Pork Chops! See? The endearment in the recipe's name will certainly make your date say, “This is absolutely sweet just like you, HONEY.” Boom! Three points for you! *winks* And here's the creator of this recipe. Trust me. You'll LOVE HIM. *smiles and winks*

You might want an autograph from Mike, the man behind this recipe. Well, this is kind of strange for me at first. I've been writing all about women bakers and cooks before and this is my first time. And by the way, it is 'good' strange. 'Better' strange, indeed. *winks* The moment I read that Mike loves sports like swimming, biking, and running, I fall in love with him. *hearty eyes* Who wouldn't? A guy who is involved in such physical activities, cares about his health, and a food enthusiast is a major turn on. *heart eyes again* Anyway, Mike have started the blog The Iron You. You must be wondering why it is named that way. And luckily for you, Mike has already anticipated that. He says in his blog, “It all begins with me being a triathlete and an Ironman. An Ironman entails a 2.4 miles swim, followed immediately by a 112 mile cycle and then followed by a 26.2 mile Marathon, all to be completed in 16 hours. It's anything but ordinary, so worth it though.” Mike also encourages his readers to make sound nutrition choices, exercise regularly, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Well, Mike, you have just successfully encouraged me to exercise do all of those. *winks* For now, start doing it too... and preparing for your Thursday night day by clicking The Iron You website below for the full recipe and enjoy!

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at The Iron You

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