Homemade Oven Rack Taco Shells

One of the most traditional ways of serving renowned tacos is by way of soft tortillas. However, some people would crave more when served with a crispy taco shell. Eating them would make every moment fun and enjoyable. There are loads of pre-made and hard taco shells that are made available in the market. However, if you want to make your own you can also use the oven in preparing it.

You can always find a crispy taco in a grocery store, but adding a personal touch of your own recipe and using your ingenious mind is still the best thing you can do. Many folks prefer a homemade version. If you want them to be pliable that is one way to go but then you just can make them crispy,which changes the flavor and presentation. In this recipe we are going to discover it to turn soft to hard. The recipe uses a store bought wrap, but there are those that love to make theirs from scratch so that is perfectly fine a swell.

The hard shells you buy are generally pretty small in size and don't hold that much filling, so you need quite a number of them if you have some big-man appetites to satisfy.

Hard taco shells pretty much are only available in corn tortillas, and there are many people that prefer the flour tortilla. Both offer very differently flavors, and some people don't care for the corn tortilla as much as the flour one. You may have seen pictures already circulating on the internet showing these shaped shells, but have not yet learned how it is done. Certainly the TV commercials for 'Taco nights' with the shell shaped in this manner, so the taco 'stands up' have captured our imaginations.

To learn how to make these crispy shaped shells, please visit the 'Healing Tomato' website below for all you need to know.

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