Her Oven Was Broken, So How She Cooked Her Salmon Dinner that Night is Unbelievable!

If you own a dishwasher at home, never underestimate its capabilities. Your dishwasher can indeed help you do many things you could never have imagined. Below are 14 smart things your dishwashers can do for you:

1.Baseball Caps

What can a dishwasher do with your baseball cap? It can easily wash the baseball cap! Unlike your washing machine that will always destroy your cap, the dishwasher can wash it in an instant without ruining the cap.


If you are cooking a lot of mashed potatoes for a big group of people, instead of washing each one of it, try to wash it using the dishwasher and of course without the soap! Run it in the rinse cycle and you will save more time. This is only worthwhile if it is like a 5lb. bag!

3. CookingSalmon

This obviously means you are going to have to have that salmon well sealed in a heavy aluminum foil so it keeps the cooked salmon juices inside the foil.Cover the entire salmon with your favorite marinade. Run an entire cycle, including dry and make sure no soap! And there you have it, a perfectly steamed salmon.

4. Garden Tools

Tired of washing them separately? Do not worry! Put all of the tools in the dishwasher and wash them. Note: you might need to wash separately if one of the tools contains chemicals.

5. Sports Equipment

Are your kids active in sports, and you do not have enough time to wash all the sports equipment and gears? Put everything in the dishwasher, and your problem is solved!

6. Warming Food

Similar to steaming the salmon, if you want to keep your food warm, but you do not have an oven, simply run on heat/dry cycle with NO water and soap.

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