Guide to Grilling Great Burgers

With summer comes cooking outdoors on the barbecue, family gatherings outside with plenty of steaks, burgers, grilled corn and vegetables. This "Guide to Grilling Great Burgers," is a must read to cooking the ultimate burger this summer. Everyone has their own way of cooking burgers, a recipe they've been using for years, that usually works pretty well. Different people tend to have their different burger preferences. Some like to put egg in their meat mixture for moisture or put bread crumbs in for more substance. Some people swear by adding Worcestershire sauce in their recipe as it adds so much more flavour to the burgers when they are cooked. Usually guys who like their burgers will be able to tell you how to get a good burger and they can tell you just how they do it. While its great to have some guidance, you have to find what you like the best! So play around with the different ways and try different things out until you find something you love.

After reading this guide to grilling great burgers, I am certainly considering changing up the way I do things. The first tip is to grind your own meat, now most people don't have a meat grinder, but for those with kitchen aid bowl mixers there is an attachment you can purchase, or you can use a food processor, chuck meat is a good choice, with 20 percent fat, it's also best to cube the meat before grinding. Next you want to shape the burgers, a third of a pound is a good size, 3/4 of an inch thick by 3.5 inches wide, remember not to overwork your burger, shape then place a dimple in the middle using your thumb (helps keep burger from shrinking during grilling). Season liberally with salt and ground pepper on both sides just before grilling, don't mix into meat, it will break down proteins. You also want to keep everything nice and chilled during the process of making your burgers, this is so that the meat doesn't start cooking before you want it to.

Now grill your burger to perfection, you'll want to have two zones of indirect flame on your grill, meaning a lower temperature area, and a higher temperature area, this is so there is a safe haven for burgers that have a flare up (when the flame comes up), also for burgers after they've achieved perfect sear. Another good idea is to have a heat resistant bowl (a small metal bowl works fine), that can cover individual burgers, this helps to speed up the internal cooking and also to melt cheese. Make good use of the grill, by grilling sliced and skewered onions that can get a nice char and become crisp and soft on grill, green chilies, pineapple, red peppers and eggplant are other ideas. With all of this great information, you should be able to cook up some epic burgers! To read more about this subject, visit the "Serious Eats" website.

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